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Mould in the corner of a damp room

Effective condensation control solutions

If your property has a condensation problem, don’t delay. Speak to the team at Probuild Contracts Preservation, Edinburgh.

Based in Edinburgh, Proudly servicing Scotland.

Identify condensation and resolve it!

A small amount of condensation is a normal occurrence in properties, but if you’re seeing it all the time on your windows, walls and surfaces, that could be an early warning sign of a bigger problem.


Probuild Contracts Preservation is on hand, ready to provide a complete condensation control service. We have more than 30 years’ experience in treating and preventing the causes of condensation, and have protected properties throughout Edinburgh and the wider area.

Condensation on Window

A tailored solution for every customer

No two properties are alike, and what may work for one customer may not work for you. To ensure we offer the best solution possible, we carefully assess any condensation in your property, so that we can tailor the perfect package to keep condensation out of your home. Our team can also resolve a number of other issues, such as rising damp, which could be making any condensation issues worse.

Old timber framed window

Condensation: a case study

Issue: “I've noticed a lot of condensation on my windows and walls, especially during colder months, and it's causing mould to form.”

Solution: We identified that the issue was due to excessive moisture in the indoor air. To address this problem, we advised the customer to improve ventilation by ensuring proper airflow throughout the house. We installed extractor fans in the kitchen and bathrooms to remove excess moisture at the source. Secondly, we suggested using a dehumidifier to maintain optimal humidity levels, to open trickle vents on windows and to avoid drying clothes indoors.

Condensation top tips

In addition to our treatments, there’s a number of ways you can prevent future condensation:

  • Ensure good ventilation throughout your home, especially where showers are fitted

  • Use an extractor fan when cooking (if you have one fitted)

  • Dry clothes outside where possible

  • Invest in a good dehumidifier

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