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Mould and moisture buildup on wall of a modern house

Problems with rising damp?

Get in touch with Edinburgh’s go-to experts in damp, Probuild Contracts Preservation. Speak to our team to book a free initial survey.

Based in Edinburgh, Proudly servicing Scotland.

Is your home suffering from rising damp?

Rising damp is just as it sounds: damp which rises up from the ground. Whilst more common in properties with basements, this type of damp can occur in any property.


Symptoms includes staining that appears to rise from the floor, a damp, musky smell, black mould, and peeling paint or wallpaper along the bottom of your walls. If you notice any of these issues, speak to the team at Probuild Contracts Preservation.


We are fully equipped to identify and remedy any rising damp in your property. Based in Edinburgh and covering the wider area, we are the perfect choice for homeowners, landlords and developers.

Mould on the walls and baseboard trim in the basement of a home

Unrivalled expertise in damp

When you choose Probuild Contracts Preservation, you can have total confidence in our work. We have more than 30 years’ industry expertise, can identify the cause of your rising damp, and will resolve it in a timely manner.


You can also trust us to take care of other property issues, such as condensation or wet rot.

Grey paint peeling off a concrete wall, humidity

Rising damp: a case study

Issue: “I've noticed rising damp patches on the lower sections of my walls, and the plaster is starting to crumble.”

Solution: After conducting a thorough assessment, we confirmed the presence of rising damp caused by moisture being drawn up through the walls from the ground. To resolve the issue, we installed a damp proof course (DPC) by injecting a chemical damp proof barrier into the walls at a suitable height. This created a barrier that prevents moisture from rising further.

We also recommended improvements to the drainage system, and advised on good ventilation practices.

Have we resolved your damp issues?

At Probuild Contracts Preservation, regular feedback helps us offer the best service possible. If you have asked our team to resolve any issues in your property, review us today on Yell.

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male and female construction workers discuss the building plans inside the building site
For effective damp prevention and treatment, choose Probuild Contracts Preservation:
0131 235 2987.
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