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A mouldy water-damaged wall

Take care of dry rot in your property right away

Probuild Contracts Preservation offers comprehensive dry rot treatment and prevention services in the wider Edinburgh area. Speak to our team today.

Based in Edinburgh, Proudly servicing Scotland.

Catch dry rot before it becomes a major headache

Dry rot is a fungal infection which can affect any timber in your home, from floorboards to structural beams. Common when moisture is above 20%, the fungus saps timber of its strength, leading to brittle, weakened wood.


Whether caused by a leak, damp or because the wood was never properly treated, it’s essential to act fast and prevent further damage to your timber. At Probuild Contracts Preservation we can help remedy any dry rot outbreaks in your home or commercial property.

examining damaged wooden beams showing signs of rot

A simple and effective process

We start off every treatment by providing a free assessment, to ensure it is dry rot we are dealing with. Once confirmed, we can come up with an effective treatment plan, which includes removing moisture, treating timber with fungicide, and where timber is damaged beyond saving, replacing it with correctly treated timber.


We are available Monday to Saturday throughout Edinburgh and beyond, and are happy to work at a time that suits you.

Cracked and worn hardwood background texture

What signs should I look out for?

  • A damp, lingering smell

  • Wood which is brittle and crumbling

  • Wood which appears to have warped or shrunk

  • Fungal growth on the wood (such as mushroom-like growths, wispy wool like fungus, or grey strands)

We can address a full range of timber troubles

Dry rot is just one possible cause for your problematic timber. Woodworm, wet rot and damp can all cause problems. Fortunately, the team at Probuild Contracts Preservation can handle it all and more besides. Contact our team today for a free survey, or to find out how we can help you look after your property.

male and female construction workers discuss the building plans inside the building site
Make Probuild Contracts Preservation your number one for dry rot treatment and prevention.
Call 0131 235 2987.
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