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Wood with woodworm

Trusted woodworm treatment specialists in Edinburgh

Tackle woodworm head-on with the help of Probuild Contracts Preservation. Speak to our team today or arrange an initial survey.

Based in Edinburgh, Proudly servicing Scotland.

What is woodworm?

Woodworm is the name given the larval stage of wood boring beetles. These creatures burrow into wood, leaving the characteristic holes in your timber. If you’ve noticed these holes, small piles of dust, or find that your timber is incredibly brittle, it could be signs of woodworm damage.


If left unchecked these small insects can cause significant structural damage to your timber, so it’s important to act on any suspicions you have. At Probuild Contracts Preservation we offer comprehensive woodworm treatments, designed to stop any infestation in its tracks, and help to prevent these critters coming back.


Based in Edinburgh, we offer a complete woodworm solution to customers throughout the city and beyond, and can also be trusted to help with wet and dry rot.

Old plank floor damaged by borer, woodworm

A highly experienced team

It’s not always obvious if woodworm is the culprit, so it pays to choose an experienced team to assess your property. We have been in the industry for more than 30 years, and can identify if there are signs of woodworm, and if it is an active issue (or a previously resolved problem).


By choosing Probuild Contracts Preservation, you can have complete confidence that any woodworm issues will be correctly identified and treated.

Barn Wall Texture

Woodworm: a case study

Issue: “I've noticed multiple small holes in the wooden beams of my house, and the wood seems weak and damaged.”

Solution: Probuild Contracts Preservation identified a severe woodworm infestation in the structural wooden beams of the customer's house. To resolve the issue and ensure the structural stability of the property, we implemented a comprehensive treatment plan that involved treating the affected beams with a powerful woodworm treatment. Once the infestation was eradicated, we reinforced and repaired the beams. With these measures in place, the issue was effectively resolved, providing the customer with peace of mind about the long-term integrity of their home.

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For professional woodworm treatment and prevention services, choose Probuild Contracts Preservation, Edinburgh:
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